STÄUBLI ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS presents the solution for the high current contacts of the future

Visitors to MATELEC INDUSTRY will be able to see the MULTILAM flexo ML-CUX at its stand

Once again, STÄUBLI ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS demonstrates its great capacity for innovation. The company has presented its latest creation, ML-CUX in the MULTILAM flexo line, based on the two-component principle. This contact sheet will be of special interest to manufacturers of equipment and systems in the energy supply and distribution sectors. All this can be found at the company’s stand at MATELEC INDUSTRY.


The new ML-CUX contact in the MULTILAM flexo line is the result of a continuous two-component MULTILAM development process to offer high-power contact solutions. It can be used at various points in switches, transformers, circuit breakers, switch disconnectors and wall bushings.


Its unique, patent-pending design combines optimised electrical and mechanical properties. It allows high current to be withstood and permits a constant low resistance with minimal heating in the contacts, even in cases of high constant load and thousands of connection cycles. In addition, ML-CUX can withstand extreme current peaks and is able to conduct short-circuit currents of up to 4.4 kA/cm. Therefore, it is especially suitable for applications where two or more spring-loaded contact elements are used. A more compact design with smaller dimensions has been achieved, which means less material costs for the manufacturer without compromising performance.


In addition, the special design allows easy manual insertion of the MULTILAM into a straight, shallow, cost-effective slot, and even into larger contact diameters. Another crucial advantage is its high tolerance compensation: the large working area makes it extremely flexible and simplifies the compensation of angular and axial deviations. In this way, the manufacturer has more freedom to design a wider variety of contact solutions, allowing simpler and more profitable production.

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