Spanish universities prepare for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will be a great challenge for Spanish universities, since many of the future professionals specialised in this field will come from these universities.

The president of the Conference of University Labour Councils (CSS), Antonio Abril Abadín, has signed an agreement with the president of the Network of University-Business Foundations (Redfue), Antonio Aracil García, to carry out a study on the challenges faced by Spanish universities with industry 4.0.


We thus seek to identify the new professions that are emerging and will emerge to analyse how existing jobs will adapt to new developments and technological changes. In addition, the study aims to identify the labour skills necessary for the next decade, discuss possible solutions to the mismatch between the supply and demand of professional profiles in the context of connected industry 4.0, and discuss existing national or international best practices related to the formation of industry 4.0.

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