Roberto Iraola, delegate central area / Building Automation Manager with BECKHOFF Automation

“Automation is a technological sector that is constantly evolving and it does so very quickly”

The technological developments of your company are aimed at providing solutions for automation systems, focused both on industry and infrastructures in sectors such as building automation, airports, tunnels, etc. In your opinion, what are the main challenges in this area?


Automation is a technological sector that is constantly evolving and it is also doing so very quickly, so perhaps our greatest challenge is to develop products to provide technological solutions that meet the needs of customers in a timely manner.


Give us an example …

A great example is the “Industry 4.0” concept. Nowadays, Beckhoff Automation is at the forefront as a supplier of this type of technology that is part of the so-called 4th Industrial revolution, based on cybernetic systems (cloud). One of the great successes of our company was to be pioneers in using PC-based control solutions, technology that nowadays is consolidated in the industry with ever more force as the IT world and the world of the PLC are becoming more united.


In general, how do you think companies should face these new challenges in the sector?

As manufacturers of technological products, I believe that our contribution to society is very important. There is an ever increasing need to “control” our environment, both at the societal level (smart city, building 4.0, home automation, etc.) and at the industrial level (industry 4.0, etc.). And this means that as a company we have to develop these types of technological solutions so that users can perform their tasks and meet their objectives (such as energy efficiency, etc.).


How important is investment in R&D&i in this context?

One of the most important ways to face these challenges is to invest in R&D&i. Beckhoff Automation is a multinational company that every year invests a lot of effort and money in research and development to ensure it is at the forefront of automation technology and, of course, in direct contact with its customers to detect the needs they are encountering in their day to day lives.

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