lC BLUE offers the services of an official distributor

The firm is an independent distribution company of electronic components

IC BLUE Electronics, an independent electronic components distribution company, will present its new products at MATELEC INDUSTRY. The company was created in 2003 to cope with a different gap in the market, as explained by the firm. “With the increase in the polarization of the official distribution and consolidation programs of the ‘big three’ (Avnet, Arrow and Future) the global market situation has changed.”


The managers of the company assure that “lC BLUE offers all the services you can expect from an official distributor, without neglecting the flexibility and understanding demanded by today’s manufacturing”.


IC Blue is at the midpoint between the direct manufacturer and the official distributor, offering financial services tailored to the specific needs of each client. “With the strategically chosen official distributor agreements, and our global footprint combined with flexible independent purchasing agreements, our customers can be fully confident about the solutions we offer.”


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