AI, Advanced Analytics and the cloud are amongst the technological developments that can create innovative products

The visitors to MATELEC INDUSTRY will learn about how they are being applied by companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Analytics and the cloud stand out amongst the rapid technological developments which are allowing companies to create innovative products and services, as well as transforming the relationships that companies have with their clients and business partners. This is what the Accenture Technology Vision 2018 reveals; the annual study by Accenture which predicts the key trends regarding technology which could potentially have an impact in the next three years. All these innovations and the application that they are having in companies can be learnt about first hand at MATELEC INDUSTRY.


According to the study, the rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are accelerating the creation of smart companies and allowing companies to become involved in peoples’ lives. But it does warn that, in order to take advantage of these growth opportunities and having a positive impact on society, a new era of leadership which prioritises trust and greater responsibility is needed.


As part of the Technology Vision study, Accenture has surveyed more than 6,300 IT executives from companies throughout the world. More than four out of five of those surveyed (84%) agree that companies are becoming better involved in society through the use of technology.

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